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0.9652 XD So, I'm interested at: MAC Amor Prohibido MAC Yield to Love And all minis Nutcracker Sweet! To Portugal!
0.8429 $6 for the samples works :D :D
0.8412 Everything supeeer well-packaged and arrived incredible fast I'm really happy with it :D
0.8356 Everything perfect and super fast shipping!
0.8356 Thanks for you help :) And yeh, you are absolutely right!
0.824 :p I'll join you :D How this works?
0.8184 You're a trustable seller :D I think I already have your paypal, but is better you send it to me again:D
0.8139 Yeh, USPS just hates me and charges me a lot xD I'll take it <3 SOOO HAPPY!
0.8034 :D Thanks!
0.7783 I think I could help :p I'm interested in Vice 2, I think it will be $32 shipped?
0.7739 :D Yeh, I'm interested.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6486 Detrivore - Azura Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Dead House Any idea how much it would cost shipped to Portugal?
-0.6115 Ufff, I really hate USPS.
-0.5499 I wanted the jars too, but shipping is insane.
-0.5413 I'm so sorry, I'll pass :(
-0.4391 I'm so sorry for the delay.
-0.4201 But with university and all it's really difficult.
-0.4019 I have manyyyyy problems with English, I really try but..
-0.4019 It's difficult :$
-0.3749 I REALLY want MAC Goddess of the Sea and MAC x Kelly Osbourne Riot House!
-0.3566 I really have no ideia how much it would be.
-0.296 At the moment I started a no buy for the first time and I'm doing an inventory.
-0.2714 I'm interested in Lime Crime Venus!