/u/Lukecis is kind of a dick.

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0.8225 I have actually voice acted and recently [uploaded] the second passionate love scene between him and saber.
0.705 I honestly don't give a single fuck.
0.6841 Sithis is my BFF
0.6407 thanks for nothing, jackass.
0.5983 praise todd howard!
0.5859 whats the original image look like?
0.5684 genocide will make you popular!!!
0.5106 does it for free.
0.4939 I would enjoy life much more if animoo hentai wasn't allowed.
0.4215 nice 100p x 100p
0.4122 I am a shitposter extraordinaire, didn't you talk to me in that post you made? I'm an autism god, how can you talk to an autism god?!*edit*

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.914 Disgusting, get this shit out of my GRIM SUB!
-0.8205 they shit and piss all over themselves and never clean themselves.
-0.7469 I would never do such a thing, but I would fight to the death to protect muh l'adywaifu
-0.7184 fuck off faggot, this is a good map.
-0.7063 get fucking buff as hell and rip ears off demons, with a small knif
-0.7003 saw this shit at a store, laughed my ass off irl, got looked at weird when I started asking family if they knew jojo's bizarre adventure.
-0.6908 I am the most famous sds shitposter and used to be a mod, old mod banned me for not joining his new discord.
-0.6908 I'll just sneak back in, and rape more elfs
-0.69 republics are cancer!
-0.6705 khajits are filthy cat scum, therefore always dirty, if you disagree, I'll have to send the guards.
-0.6682 traps are gay, fucking kys faggots.
-0.6597 seriously, what a pathetic being.