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0.9001 Thanks for the update and best wishes & kisses.
0.8977 Send my regards to Elly, I love that I was able to help inspire her a little!
0.8832 That was a great story and I'm really happy for you that you seem to be ok with it all.
0.8655 Weee I love jeeps and I love pokey nipples!
0.8439 We're in a great place right now and I'm very happy.
0.8313 Thanks kryfus, and thanks also for all your support along the way!
0.8271 Wow, that sounds super hot.
0.8169 I really enjoyed it and I agree with aodhz that it was really well written.
0.8126 I had the greatest orgasms after we'd had a cuddle on the couch watching tv and my arm had been resting on her chest, or she had snuggled her hand between my thighs.
0.8016 I'm very happy that you were able to enjoy it.
0.7845 Happy to hear you enjoy them

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-0.5994 I'm writing a story about fucking my mom and its teenaged ass eating that freaks you out?
-0.5095 I'm so jealous.
-0.4881 From a hypothetical perspective, I think that the mods would see someone posting a link to the pic as a perpetuation of the original assault on me when the pic was posted without my consent.
-0.3182 There's a world of feels you're about to open the door to, and it might mean risking the relationship with someone you have the most unique connection to in the world.
-0.296 No, that his girlfriend is my mom.
-0.2732 I guess Mrs Parr's ass is irresistible.
-0.2601 Maybe approach her with some follow up questions- act a little unsure and vulnerable, maybe you feel a little weird- _why_ does she think that sort of thing interests you?
-0.2467 Not telling the truth, and letting the relationship get more serious, is sort of crazy because at some point she'd have to introduce him to our family.
-0.0772 Sorry folks.
0.0 I can't believe you got away with it.
0.0 I'm guess you guys aren't identical.
0.0 While my situation isn't the same as yours, I can relate.