/u/LovelyConversations is very positive!

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0.9132 Thank you for sharing the link as well, that will be very valuable! Edit: I'm really curious about Biscuit.
0.9081 I don't have a specific brand, but when it comes to sweaters, I always find it best to purchase the high quality kind.
0.8356 I always like to look nice, and feel comfortable while doing it, so, I don't mind shelling out some more money!
0.8225 Blue was a huge inspiration for me, and what lead to me majoring in Creative Writing.
0.7845 I wish her family and friends well.
0.7615 I am pretty late to this, but I have always enjoyed the sound of rocks clacking together.
0.7322 That is very helpful, thank you!
0.7264 I like the sound of that, and with the right people, this game could be really fun.
0.7177 Thank you kindly!
0.7003 I would simply do whatever I must in order to survive and protect those I care about.
0.6962 I am actually really enjoying them playing this game.

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-0.5413 I'm fucking miserable, and think about dying daily.
-0.4927 I am so scared of myself.
-0.4767 An absolute shame.
-0.3612 If each member of Funhaus had a giant fighting robot that could transform into anything, what would it transform into?
-0.3412 This could not have been a better announcement trailer.
-0.1531 What inspires you/keeps you going if you are ever having a bad day?
0.0 Do you guys have any advice for a guy DM'ing his first DnD game?
0.0 I will check it out right now!
0.0 This makes it a lot simpler.
0.0 Did he own the bar?!
0.0 Is there a way to see the stats of the NPC's/Enemies?
0.0 I'll give it a try!