/u/Lostinjourney is very positive!

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0.9645 You have found that perfect balance :) great job, you look absolutely amazing and happy!
0.9183 This look is amazing, very creative detailing, keep it up :) you should definitely make a youtube channel!
0.9178 I was just afraid that it might not be as versatile to my liking, but you definitely convinced me :)
0.9062 This is a great shot, love your color grading :)
0.9062 Love this, great job :)
0.8678 Waking up in the morning beside the person you love the most and just sharing a smile.
0.8588 I love the amount of detail, it's gorgeous!
0.8519 They know exactly how to get great buzz about their company in the best ways possible.
0.836 This is an amazing picture, great color grading
0.8356 Good job ,thanks for sharing, in the same predicament!
0.8313 Honestly, you can genuinely tell that both of them are genuinely nice people, anything to help a fellow youtuber!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7506 The struggle is real, private accounts are the worst
-0.6249 21st century racism for cars
-0.5423 These parents must be such heavy sleepers, kids make a fuck ton of noise just getting up, I can't imagine the amount of noise needed for this heist preparation.
-0.5423 Awe, whenever I see birds in cold weather, I feel bad
-0.5255 Yikes, poor guy!
-0.4215 I literally broke, spent all my money on camera's equipments for my Youtubes channel.
-0.3818 Take away their electronics, or threaten to start throwing out toys.
-0.3802 Literally how the Ring girl gets her victims!
-0.3774 He's currently bulking whereas I am ALWAYS dieting so the struggle is real.
-0.3595 No justification ever needed!
-0.355 Neither purely good or evil.
-0.34 My grandmother saw this and told me that if I continued to do this, the hair would start a fire inside my belly.