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0.9675 I'm so sorry to hear of all the challenges that you've faced as a result of leaving, but I'm so happy to hear that you are free and happy!
0.9485 Thank you for sharing your story, and I can't wait for you to be out on your own and enjoy living life and be able to have the freedom and happiness that you deserve!
0.9402 Enjoy your freedom and know that we are all here celebrating and cheering you on! *Cheers*
0.9246 The love of our pets is unconditional, it surpasses the type of love that humans are capable of giving, mixed with only the purest of intentions.
0.92 It's posts like these that help others like me to have hope and courage to face the future!
0.9061 I'm so glad that you have a wonderful husband and friends who are supportive and keep you going.
0.9034 Thank you for taking the time to share your story, so glad that you are free!
0.8977 I'm happy to report that I have been in therapy for 6 weeks and am making such great progress!
0.8825 Thanks for all of the time and support that you have poured out into this wonderful community!
0.8807 Sending you all the love in the universe You are important, and I'm glad that you're ok
0.8748 That's so awesome that you have the support from your friends and that you were all able to leave together.

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-0.8641 One of my biggest concerns is that I'll continually be harassed, but maybe that's just an irrational fear.
-0.7579 I can relate on so many levels, and especially when you spoke about "thinking of their grief at my being DFed literally makes me sick inside.
-0.6467 I worry that I won't find quality friendships once I leave, so this was a timely reminder.
-0.631 Not only do I remember the singing and excessive preaching to afternoon commuters on Marta, but the train gave me terrible motion sickness.
-0.5719 They took it as far as to say "any website that says anything negative about the witnesses is strictly satan and apostate material".
-0.5719 I hate that the org uses this tactic against us.
-0.5719 Someone always had something to say, someone was always unhappy, someone was always stumbled, and someone was usually in tears.
-0.561 How much does this poor prude think he can get away with?
-0.4767 Everyone is so different, but we've all gone through the fire together and can relate.
-0.4201 I know that has to be extremely difficult having your entire family tied up in this religion.
-0.3875 But if the GB isn't inspired, then what makes the CO's opinion hold any less weight than the slave?
-0.3818 It scares me that I may have to leave and won't have the same.