/u/Longdicklaw is kind of a dick.

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0.8201 I am all for allowing immigrants to come live here but I think it is important to make sure we are only accepting those who can contribute and are willing to assimilate.
0.8172 I'm not saying that everyone is born with the same opportunities but claiming wealthy people don't work is arrogant.
0.8041 The original situation is not racism but the situation you made up is racism.
0.7845 A grant of license is an authorization to use another's property, whether physical or intellectual, under agreed upon terms.
0.7351 The best Plaintiff is a middle aged white guy with an advanced degree.
0.6997 He passionately posts about my little pony so he obviously has a different world view than most well adjusted people...
0.6808 I definitely don't think it is easy.
0.6757 Your level of wealth isn't a product of how hard you work but of how much value you create.
0.6705 If you live your life crying about getting the shit end of the stick then you're gonna die with nothing but shit in your hands.
0.6682 You have so much wisdom you must be important
0.6597 Nobody said life was going to be fair, champ.

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-0.8934 thug noun \thg\ : a violent criminal What's the issue, loser?
-0.802 I once had a reading prompt on a test that claimed hunter gatherers with nuts in their diet suffered tooth decay faster than those without.
-0.7783 Or it's an "I'm going to meticulously judge everything a BMW driver does out of spite" thing, loser.
-0.7783 I lose myself wondering how vile his mouth must taste.
-0.7703 Dealing with undocumented immigrants already in the country is an extremely complex problem and I think it is a travesty that it is at the point it is today.
-0.7615 I would not consider myself a Trump supporter but I don't believe he is as evil as he is being portrayed.
-0.743 Would you rather shit a softball or piss a marble?
-0.7351 Can't say BMW's are too noticeable where I live but assholes drive everything from Malibus to Maseratis.
-0.6705 If you're upset with how difficult it is to move up in the current economy then you should work hard to give your children a head start from where you began.
-0.6597 But plenty of people make something out of their lives instead of crying about it and playing with toys manufactured for little girls. Are you ashamed of your profession and where you are in life?
-0.6418 If it is so unethical to enforce existing laws then shouldn't they be repealed?
-0.6374 If you think multimillionaires don't work hard to grow and maintain their estates then you are spiteful and misinformed.