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0.9419 Those relationships were fulfilling and meaningful, but what I have with Shino blows my previous relationships out the water, she is so wonderful and amazing.
0.9349 I wish you both good luck and happiness :)
0.9274 It's not really a nickname as such, but sometimes I like gazing into her beautiful eyes and saying "My sweet Shino".
0.923 Welcome to the community, this is a super comfy place and I hope you and your waifu enjoy your stay!
0.9217 It was such an amazing day out, the best birthday I could have ever had, spending it with the two girls I love.
0.92 I love you so much, my sweet Shino. Oh and I can't forget my sweet little Imouto, Silica, who Shino and I decided to adopt into our family some time in december...
0.9195 Thanks, I really hope she loves it :)
0.9163 She really is so sweet and adorable and snuggly I love her so much
0.9136 I hope you and Kongou enjoy your stay and find happiness here together :)
0.9118 Welcome back, I hope you and Ryuji can have many happy times together :)
0.9097 Heya, welcome to the community! I hope you and your waifu enjoy your stay, i know you'll fit right in here :) Also come check out our discord so you can come have a chat with us all!

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-0.6605 it's kinda fucked me up a bit tbh, i lack some life skills that most people take for granted
-0.5574 My ban hammer
-0.5277 you are being a piece of shit who has nothing better to do than come try to trigger a bunch of people happy with their lives, no matter how unorthodox.
-0.5216 Im not the best cook in the world, so I'll cook something simple and comfy. I'd cook her spaghetti pesto with oven baked salmon.
-0.481 i have a 2i4 andni have never had this problem.
-0.4767 Nothing wrong with it at all.
-0.4574 Also check out the discord server so you can come have a chat!
-0.4019 Remember to come check out the discord to have a chat with us all \^.^
-0.4019 Also remember to come check out the discord server and come have a chat with us all.
-0.3818 Heh, I dont think anyone here has played Sword Art Online, or we'd probably still be trapped inside ;p
-0.3818 people would use half blocks and half stairs to hide loot and then rotate them afterwards to get the loot back.
-0.3818 She's used to trying to outsmart the enemy by thinking multiple moves ahead of them, so I think she would be a tough opponent that I will gladly let conquer me c: