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0.9287 New Mom over here, super emotional about everything, pictures like this send me over the edge into a fit of love /r/aww
0.924 Honestly, I could see us doing the same, since we'd basically be building our home, like you said :) Thank you so much for sharing your experience! /r/AskReddit
0.9184 Grown lady, but it still is always a delight to read her work with such beautiful handwriting! /r/PenmanshipPorn
0.9167 I was holding my laughter together until "advanced anal stimulation," and, "gayer than a fun size pack of tropical skittles" *Such* an amazing description!! /r/AskReddit
0.9081 Overall, love my kids and love my job :) /r/teaching
0.9072 Hearing how others think is so amazing to me! Thank you so much for your kind words! /r/AMA
0.8971 Thank you so much! Yes, light moisturizers have definitely become my friends! /r/AsianBeauty
0.8968 Trying to keep anonymity under fluorescent lights) Here's an in-class piece of her writing :) [http://i.imgur.com/9fPcjx1.jpg] I'm so glad you all are enjoying her writing, too!! /r/PenmanshipPorn
0.8949 Best feeling ever!! Congratulations to you!!! /r/BabyBumps
0.8932 Thank you, I'll definitely make her end of year gift something to encourage her craft! /r/PenmanshipPorn
0.891 Yes, my husband loves to do projects and we love the idea of making a house into our home by having a lot of things done our way. /r/AskReddit

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-0.826 Yes!! Your description of the pain makes me feel so heartbroken. /r/AMA
-0.796 As a woman who is 4 and a half months pregnant, this is by far the most horrifying one I've read. Those poor babies and mothers. /r/AskReddit
-0.7177 This one actually could kill me! /r/AskReddit
-0.7096 saying that they are finding it difficult to write an introduction or conclusion, instead of I'm stupid or I can't do this.) /r/AskReddit
-0.6114 No I'm just imagining how ridiculous my cankles and Fred Flintsone feet feel #swollenfeetunite! /r/BabyBumps
-0.5719 5th grade is usually a big transition year, with the dreaded puberty kicking in for a lot of kids. /r/PenmanshipPorn
-0.5719 I had no idea how difficult being a 2nd shooter is. Do you mind if I ask you a question? /r/photography
-0.5456 It's a horrible, awful disease that I cannot understand why the medical community does not do more to help all of you. /r/Narcolepsy
-0.5255 Ended up in anaphylactic shock.. I'm still sad I can't snuggle them anymore! /r/AskReddit
-0.4939 It's such a terrible thing that people in real life will discount others by something as trivial as how they look or come across. /r/AMA
-0.4927 It's very frustrating. /r/AMA
-0.4199 I always hated that it wasn't a round year for me, ending with a 5 or 0... Yes to all of your comments! /r/AMA