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0.9512 I never got into Road Rash, but LOVED the Carmageddon games I'll definitely check it out - thanks for the tip! $16 for chaos sounds right up my alley lol :)
0.9224 I hear ya :) I'm 41 , but in my head I like to tell myself I'm about 28, and then some days I wake up and feel allll of 41 haha keep on keepin' on, bud :)
0.9184 :) Between the kids, the pup, and your passion/work, you are forgiven for any brain farts haha Keep up the great work, and keep being you!
0.9178 . I'll go ahead and enter, and if I win, I'll take the T-shirt, and then vape forward the juice winnings to one of my friends on here. One can't go wrong with Adirondack Sagamore
0.9001 :) I'm thankful to be able to continue to enjoy Baja Breeze and American, as well as Mellow Mango from your alter ego. Is it the home address/SSN info that you find egregious?
0.8883 haha) Very generous offer, and thanks for finding it :) I'll be in touch one way or the other to let you know how things turn out once I get a chance
0.8779 Thinking I'll get a Wasp first to use on them as it seems to be far superior Thanks for the chance, and I've been tempted by that Oceanus kit in the past, and have one on my wish list .
0.8687 Spring and Fall when it's cool and comfortable. Thanks for the chance!
0.8542 no it's not too bad either Another year is always better than not another year :) Hope it's a great one for you!
0.8519 Thanks for all the hard work, and great flavors. I support the option of nic salts - primarily in the higher ranges (i.e.
0.8478 Rare Earth - I Just Want To Celebrate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRVPLPFoJL0 Thanks for the chance!

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-0.7506 I've recently been investigating non-pharmaceutical options for my Mom who suffers chronic pain after having major surgery surgery almost a year ago.
-0.7297 A connection between the positive and negative can result in at minimum venting, and at worse thermal runaway resulting in explosion. Short Version: NO - Rewrap or Replace
-0.7003 With the low cost of wraps, there no reason not to when in doubt, as it may save you a catastrophic event in the future.
-0.6808 This might be cooler if I knew what the hell "Volcom" is .
-0.6705 As the title is a statement, I was expecting said infographic :( next time, pretend it's Jeopardy - phrase it in the form of a question ;)
-0.6476 No worries, pal!
-0.6124 No worries, bud - Hoosiers is the term for Indiana residents.
-0.5859 Seller has refused to provide the missing items unless I pay to have them shipped.
-0.5423 I either get no response or they claim a legal/lawyer's opinion that they won't furnish or be able to cite what aspect of the law they believe restricts them from selling here.
-0.5413 This would be on the "more dangerous" end of the scale as it is close to the positive, whereas the entire remainder of the battery is the negative.
-0.5173 Either way, it was a good deal and came with 5 coils, so worst case it's a learning experience.
-0.4482 I thought I might score a first "First!" but alas .