/u/Logcabinboys is kind of a dick.

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0.7783 He said the impression was decent but that Carolla should have known it wasn't him because Sour Shoes never actually made any jokes or said anything funny.
0.6908 Cumia might get mad sometimes but he will always love his son
0.6908 Maybe the new show will feel different if it's exactly like this except with the addition of Artie's deathly hack laughter.
0.6249 A modern masterpiece.
0.6249 Ant keeps mentioning the great convos he's having off the air with other compound hosts..
0.6249 Like it or not, Red Bar deserves a writing credit for IHW
0.5859 The Opie AND Anthony brand still has tremendous value, more value than Opie or Anthony in separate forms.
0.5454 Hella nice dude yeah go pump iron and then go pump that redbars asshole fuck yeah
0.5065 I always hated everything about him but now I think maybe he's not so bad after all.
0.4939 He bit her hand.
0.4939 Check the tapes, you can see the marks on her hand.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8689 Only a sad piece of shit would go all the way to Artie's just to fake laugh and get shit on.
-0.8625 The hysterical overreaction by Cumia to the criticism of something as trivial as Deep Discount is bizarre and troubling.
-0.8511 This is the most redundant, beaten to death, and boring episode of TACS to date and we're only 30 minutes in.
-0.7876 Opie sucks, but a grown man going to HR is about as faggoty and bitch as it gets.
-0.7845 He sucks and gets fucked by women that wear strap-ons.
-0.7088 The guy is a murderer!
-0.6908 Keith would kill his firstborn to get Opie on Compound.
-0.6808 She posed no threat to him whatsoever.
-0.6705 He killed Chris Cornell.
-0.6486 No actually youre 100% fag.
-0.6124 Racist misogynist pedophiles do
-0.6124 They're all grossly incompetent over there.