/u/Lockesteerpike is kind of a dick.

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0.887 Would love to hear how liberals looked so great to the right before Antifa.
0.8689 Yes, there are Islamic countries where outsiders are perfectly safe.
0.8271 You seem pretty confident that there's an army of liberals out there actively befriending stormfront members. Have you ever actually tried it?
0.8176 Whether or not somebody is acting in good faith is everything in a conversation. Not every attempt to communicate is an opportunity to change things.
0.7789 The use of Nazi symbolism and advocacy of its ideology is not an argument or any kind of debate in good faith.
0.7579 And this "our homosexuals are treated better" narrative these days is rich coming from the right wing.
0.743 Ok, so you've followed through as best you could now, and he's done everything but engage.
0.7244 Then I would have seen the arguments and data that actually support it by now. Just because I'm not racist doesn't mean I haven't listened to racists.
0.7226 I've never seen somebody shamed "just for being white." I've seen people shamed for doing or saying things that defend or reinforce white supremacy.
0.7096 My opinion is that opinions on this are meritless. It's like you've asked what type of exercise is ideal.
0.6486 You are cherry picking citizens united to fit an agenda.

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-0.9194 There are a lot of shades of grey in this world and I spend my share of time navel gazing, but racism = evil is not up for debate.
-0.9022 Hate groups prey on existing anger and hate.
-0.899 Trump isn't a "bad politician", he's an obvious reckless mistake that should have been avoided. Don't vote in another racist, narcissistic idiot.
-0.8876 Love how you say you've received a death threat, but skip over having your credit ruined and losing your job. You've faced nothing like what female gamers have faced.
-0.8875 When done well, counter protests drown out their hate in a way that does not help their cause. Leaving then alone is a misguided strategy.
-0.886 Particularly as you just tried to play off death threats like they're a regular inconvenience. And look at you, still skipping over getting fired. So what's the explanation of your ignorance here.
-0.8576 When done well, counter protests drown out their hate in a way that does not help their cause.
-0.7845 There is no one answer, and anyone who thinks they have an answer is probably about to say some ignorant shit.
-0.7814 Symbolism used as a threat is an act is terror. A white hood isn't a threat to my white ass, but it is to someone.
-0.7506 Hate group membership is on the rise, and ignoring them isn't working.
-0.7184 Most women I know had to either go into digital hiding or risk getting doxxed and hacked just for having an opinion.
-0.7184 A Klan march in a public place is just as much a threat. I'm sorry I confused the issue by throwing the cross burning in there.