/u/Locanmures is very positive!

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0.9455 Both have already been mentioned, but your eyes are beautiful, and you have a great smile.
0.8887 When you have an awesome personality and less-than-average looks, you become the really great friend no one wants to date.
0.8834 The atmosphere was fun, the drinks were good, and I had a great time.
0.8834 The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and I had to buy the soundtrack, too. Who is your love interest?
0.875 It is super cheap and a lot of fun. The Phoenix Bar and Lounge near Meepleville is another popular place for us, especially Tuesdays.
0.8555 If you are free Tuesday nights, join us at [the Phoenix] for Super Smash Brothers tournaments.
0.8537 You looked good with the hair, but definitely better without.
0.8442 I would love a Super Mario RPG HD remake.
0.8316 They have a projector and we play Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, etc. I also recommend Game Nest not too far away from The Phoenix.
0.8271 When you join our team, you will select a Childrens Miracle Network Hospital to support.
0.8225 This is awesome, and merry Christmas.

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-0.7096 Due to the stress of this and more, my then-partner and I were beginning the end of our relationship, and I was struggling in school. It was a pretty bad time in my life.
-0.6597 Fucked with my head.
-0.5267 No stop at the Phoenix?
-0.5216 There isn't as much love for the Suikoden series as there should be, imo.
-0.5106 I had heard it was very different, so I was afraid of disappointment, I guess.
-0.4767 I am originally from SLC, and it is sad how small the gayming community is there.
-0.4019 I think the same lady visited my hotel a few months ago, and a gentleman complained last week about not having soup available for him.
-0.3491 There is an event from 8pm to 4am, but I am not sure of any other details.
-0.3243 What movie is so bad, it's good? The Room
-0.3182 The struggle is real.
-0.2584 I didn't play Tierkreis.
-0.2263 Aww, sorry to hear about your falling out.