/u/LittleMissAphrodite is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8883 Hehe I always like licking my fingers when I touch myself, I think I taste good :3 thank youuuu!
0.8588 oh my goodness Welp Forgive me father for I have sinned ~~not that anyone would ever think otherwise~~ This was awesome!
0.8513 Thank you Im glad you enjoy it!!
0.8349 Trust me were happy to have you back!!!
0.8221 And I hope you know just how much comments like that brighten my day!
0.8126 You cutie :) thanks
0.8042 Thank you so much it makes me so happy
0.7974 :D Thank you so much!!
0.7845 I loved the audio :)
0.784 Nice ;) thanks!
0.7798 :D thank you!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6486 I unfortunately dont think so since I cant find the author :(
-0.5093 I guess I need to be punished then!
-0.4767 that sounds like one hell of a plan
-0.0772 I wanted to see you post on here nerd ;)
-0.0516 seeing you unable to contain yourself would also defiitely make my panties soaked :$
0.0 And you guys may get something very soon
0.0 That was exactly what I wanted to do a while back!
0.0 Woooo, high five!
0.0 [Filled here!
0.0 ]
0.0 I could try!
0.0 Woooooo!!!!!!