/u/LittleMako is very positive!

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0.9296 Blooper reels auditory wise are very much appreciated, I absolutely adore hearing a person crack into fits of laughter.
0.9169 Much love to the beautiful people within our lovely community.
0.9163 I have really sensitive ears and they're a weird ticklish spot. **F** *is for Friends who do stuff together!* Friends are always nice and they can be so supportive. **G** is for Giving.
0.8997 These cookies look so wonderfully iced, I can't pick a favourite, they all look so beautiful.
0.876 :D I hope you have made a lot of friends and had a lot of O's.
0.8625 :) You have a wonderful voice and it was entertaining to listen to hear you give answers.
0.8555 :3 Affirmation is important and it's good to be on the giving and receiving end.
0.8519 ~~Although we miss his happy Shadowbutt.~~ :3 Always good to see you Growly.
0.8221 That's pretty awesome!
0.8176 I am an old soul :3 Oldies Rock is the best.
0.8074 But you perfectly hold the listener's attention with the teasing and encouraging remarks.

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-0.6486 But if they manage to make the scenario and roles laughable, then I can forgive the bad acting and terrible lines.
-0.4003 Could always go with *F is for fire that burns down the whole town!* ;3
-0.25 I now have Limp Bizkit's *Rollin'* song stuck in my head.
-0.2263 As we all know, dear audiophiles, dirty talk, moans, whimpers is *sexy*.
-0.2263 Their ragged breaths, hushed moans to loud screams, the way they struggle to find words, even laughter and bloopers.
-0.2263 I shall stop there before I start quoting every single sentence you've said.
-0.1779 My weird kink?
0.0 Will return after a listen!
0.0 /u/mister_tinkles, if you have wares...
0.0 the ladies may have more than coins.:3
0.0 That sounds familiar...