/u/Literally_Goring is kind of a dick.

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0.9222 You'll knock Vermont, NH and Maine and a huge list of other states as well. As to CT, good luck.
0.9186 Yup, give up one fake benevolent god, to believe in a benevolent state that always has good ideas and perfect outcomes.
0.8442 It used to be that smoking was a glamour symbol cool, sexy, macho.
0.7579 After truly seeing and experiencing what they have done in their political strongholds, I don't think anything short of clear, and radical changes could change my mind.
0.7574 More like the resistance. We are in a tactical retreat until the distant hope of federal preemption hits.
0.7549 I carry, If I have to draw but don't shoot in my Perfect Liberal state, I broke several laws on brandishing, because I can only draw if I shoot.
0.7048 I never said they weren't, I think you are forgetting that I am not for the ban on transgenders in the military, only repeatedly pointing out that this isn't abnormal given what they ban already.
0.6908 Several elected liberals even hailed the 85% reduction in firearm licenses due to the increased complexity, costs, and difficulty of maintaining a license from their laws as a great thing.
0.6705 But do you honestly believe that only rights you like should exist?
0.6378 A good chunk of the restrictions only truly make sense for certain roles, especially combat roles.
0.6369 Define Freedom.

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-0.9286 Because we kill so damn many people it's hard to move the needle on "violence in the US".
-0.9087 You act as if MAD didn't keep the cold war from turning into a red hot one. I think you are taking my position to mean no gun control.
-0.9076 If you are just killing one person, which of course what most gun murders are, then obviously 6-10 rounds is plenty.
-0.8875 That is one hell of a jump from not making a special cake for a gay wedding to making gays illegal. What do I know, I'm just a LGBT guy that owns guns.
-0.8807 79 killed in mass murder 20 years leading up to the Port massacre, 74 in the 20 years after.
-0.872 Why don't I go around to the whole, having guns increases violent death risk.
-0.8658 If I can be barred for the all the titanium and ongoing PT it took to repair the bodily damage a worthless drug addict piece of shit human did to me.
-0.8625 God, you must be fun talking to rape victims. To be logically consistent how many times have you done the exact same thing on all those Survey's on rape victims.
-0.8442 As a non liberal why don't I answer. We can suspend the first amendment, and ban news media from reporting on these events to avoid giving losers a reason to do this.
-0.8402 To state Firearm Suicide is to outright decide that people killing themselves is ok, but the method is wrong if it is a firearm.
-0.8126 Now it is dirty, deadly and banned. Then, unsurprisingly, released dubious research that came to the conclusion the research head had already made before doing any research.
-0.8126 Now it is dirty, deadly and banned. Then unsurprisingly released dubious research that came to the conclusion the research head had already made before doing any research.