/u/Lick_a_butt is a total dick!

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0.8442 It makes me happy that you appreciated any of that insight. By the way, *are* you a Trump supporter?
0.8402 Yeah, it was super classy when he said that the US got what it deserves.
0.8402 And what effect does friendliness have on one's willingness to support imperialism and worship the military?
0.8225 Does it make you feel better about yourself to associate brain health with ethical superiority?
0.7943 You just look for your particular set of red flags and then completely shut down willingness to engage rationally and encourage others to do the same.
0.7346 She and Bill very successfully ushered in the neoliberal era in the Democratic Party.
0.7089 Somehow, those "incredibly friendly" people still wind up engaging in overwhelming oppression.
0.6808 lol it's 100% true
0.6705 Their families would also enjoy a call from the president, I'm sure.
0.6288 Simply sharing an opinion in public is not protesting.
0.6249 If it iss legitimately "great" bud, you have a great deal.

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-0.9545 The sentiment you've expressed about suicide is always idiotic and hateful, but it's *especially* evil to apply it to someone suffering from terminal dementia.
-0.8481 Real protest *forces* the state to address an issue or to respond with violence; it is therefore inherently dangerous.
-0.8211 You still believe and are actively promoting absolutely abhorrent hatred based in ignorance.
-0.8031 You are utterly wrong; you have no leg to stand on with this point. And I don't care what you believe to be the Kremlin's talking points.
-0.7906 Bad data in = bad data out.
-0.7783 There's no way in hell that's going to happen.
-0.765 Ugh, this is business jargon bullshit that is for use on clients.
-0.765 What the fuck is wrong with you.
-0.7644 You're calling people's sick loved ones selfish assholes!
-0.7635 Again, you have absorbed so much bullshit that you can't even begin to actually communicate. Anyway, I'm not making an ideological argument here.
-0.7579 I'm not at all saying that Americans should stop - it is what it is now - but the whole thing is idiotic. The animal that Americans call a moose *already* existed in Europe and had a name.
-0.7351 Every broken computer is totally functional except for the part that is broken.