/u/Lepetitbart is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8555 Thanks for the good laugh I just had.
0.8478 :) Good luck!
0.8122 Let's hope for the best!
0.8122 I truly love this one!
0.8122 :) Keep up the great work!
0.802 It definitely looks like one of my favorite OP ever.
0.7845 :) PS : Loving that Westworld music.
0.7783 I had friends back in the days who created some of these accounts to support me and my work.
0.7777 I'm happy you liked it!
0.7712 Being a fan of Rick and Morty, I have to tell it's a great job!
0.7345 Good luck with your project!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8478 A hell of a sick job!
-0.7088 That's a hell of an edit!
-0.5562 This looks sick!
-0.5411 Good idea but the gap is a bit too dangerous in my opinion. Anyway, upvote!
-0.4939 Even if it must be heartbreaking for fans, I'd rather see 100% legit players than keep supporting 'fake gods'.
-0.4767 What a terrible news...
-0.4728 That's why we have so many useless OW to do...
-0.4574 This is insane to watch!
-0.4574 Insane job!
-0.4023 If you don't trust me, I can't do more about it man.
-0.4019 It's just FNX doing an insane clutch/ace.
-0.4019 It was an insane match.