/u/Leftovas is kind of a dick.

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0.8934 You can have laws like Canada's or Australia's which still allow firearms perfectly capable of home defense.
0.8735 Yes, smart people know this, but you don't have to be smart to virtue signal.
0.8573 But yeah let's use the place MOST like the United States, North Korea, to compare.
0.8519 While they might have a pretty good hold on mental health care, all it took was one individual to slip between the cracks and then we got the Zug massacre.
0.7859 Look, I'm not saying there aren't any shitty cops, or there aren't racist cops, but this isn't exactly an epidemic of inequality worthy of dividing the nation in yet *another* way.
0.7269 Well it sounds like someone who didn't like the law reported the guy in the costume and police were obligated to react.
0.7269 Sounds effective enough honestly.
0.7184 Instead my mom drives him anywhere he needs to go and he's perfectly content sitting at home watching youtube douches and playing games.
0.6486 And I already knew that's what this was all about, but sometimes it's necessary to lead someone by the hand to that conclusion.
0.6369 Getting high af before this movie is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
0.6124 Yeah, all the people I know irl who bring up all this "injustice" grew up in nice neighborhoods.

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-0.926 So, when you take into account the amount of violent crime both races commit, white people are actually killed at a disproportionately higher rate, so what exactly are you protesting?
-0.9118 And as someone who grew up 5 mins from where that piece of shit killed his girlfriend's kid after molesting his sister, I can confidently say police were the least of our worries in the neighborhood.
-0.8593 It's the same as the idiotic "Why don't good police turn in the bad police" concept.
-0.8378 And so has violent crime, consequentially.
-0.8264 There's too many!" -Muslim guy kills people with guns. "Ban that religion!"
-0.8225 If a judge let the guy with the DUI off on a technicality, no one's going to go back and blame the judge when the guy murders his wife.
-0.8225 On the same day Adam Lanza murdered 27 people, a 36 year old lunatic went on a stabbing spree in central China.
-0.8067 Holy crap, I won't downvote you because of all the work you put into that post, but I won't upvote you either since you're so wrong.
-0.7968 It's more like if a guy was arrested 5 times for DUI, and then stabbed his wife to death.
-0.7964 You don't see how it's *easier* to kill with a gun as opposed to a knife?
-0.7735 So does the gun lobby which is why they fight tooth and nail to prevent any real gun studies from happening.
-0.765 However places where it's difficult to get a gun altogether don't seem to have these problems.