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0.926 Yeah but since mine was perfectly fine when I installed it in the switch then I should be OK right?
0.85 thanks for the info but WOW that is a lot of money to spend on a case
0.8402 that would be great since amazon sometimes has better deals on consoles want to get project scorpio
0.824 Awesome thanks..just as I was done typing the question the charger indicators turned green LOL
0.8217 Awesome thanks!!
0.8201 Thanks just bought it..doesnt show free on the site but once you click on download it shows up as free
0.802 I seriously hope they dont go out of business I have 530 dollars worth of gamestop credit would like to use it on the Scorpio
0.7865 Ok I bought mine on amazon..here is the front and back of the packaging just want to know if I Need to send mine back or its OK: http://imgur.com/RM9va4n http://imgur.com/Zj4ZjWW Thank U
0.7845 Ive always loved Tetris was always my favorite game.
0.7783 Me Pretty Please :-)
0.7783 yeah now I see it as free as before it showed up at 19.99 :-)

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-0.5429 So really not sure what to do..leave it alone or send it back?
-0.4767 I formatted my microsd card in my switch without any issues, not even the slightest issue so I think mine is fine..if something were wrong it would have happened as it was formatting not days later
-0.4215 ordered all four but no confirmation email
-0.4215 Samsung released a new firmware update today I already installed it but have no idea if it fixes the Switch issue
-0.3506 I put Lego City Undercover on amazon seller central weeks ago but no one wants it so will just keep it for now
-0.3167 Want to get this game but not sure for what console..have all three
-0.2411 I have the KS8000 TV and have the Switch in HDMI 4..the rest of the ports are already used not sure by switching ports if it will make a difference
-0.2411 not sure Im chatting with them now Im still not seeing it on my account
-0.2411 I believe my card is legit, I posted some photos earlier its in legit packaging not sure if that makes a difference
-0.1018 Yeah I will check later too..its kind of annoying having to power off the switch entirely because of this hdmi issue but will see what happens
-0.0857 I am going to sell the XBOX ONE S anyway because I already pre ordered the XBOX ONE X but still didnt want the xbox to brick
-0.0638 Chat was absolutely NO Help they could not add it to my account even though I paid for it