/u/KuroShiroTaka is kind of a dick.

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0.786 Sometimes I wonder what YouTube would be like if he didn't act like a dumbass.
0.7717 Not gonna lie, I like their chicken sandwiches best compared to the other two, mostly cus the buttermilk crispy chicken from McDonalds is too pricy.
0.765 The space music is Lava Exploration 1 if it is hostile and Tranquility Base if it is Friendly if you are curious.
0.6705 Also, pretty sure that spider is a gal
0.6597 Oh well, just another thing for me to make fun of them for.
0.6369 To be fair, there can be a good reason for those types of mod packs.
0.6361 I might be able to go back and play CS:GO though I'm still annoyed I can't get anyone in my group's TS3 and Discord servers interested in playing to make things more fun.
0.6124 I was taught not to use the n bomb so I never used it.
0.5859 Game that recently got an expansion that I'll likely get once my interest is renewed after I got burnt out after playing it for weeks.
0.5106 When the Browns make fun you, you know your team has gone full Yamcha
0.4767 Higher Approval Rating 10.

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-0.912 They don't seem like the type who would have certain people killed to get bad shit through
-0.8271 Common result of entering an Atropus world unprotected is losing your shit
-0.8176 And it frustrates the hell out of me.
-0.7906 Also, going by the stats on the things when I managed to get one in a capture ball , they can put out an obscene amount of damage when aggroed.
-0.765 Yeah, I hear that ban pissed off a lot of people.
-0.7184 Now you know how I feel every time I see Adrien Broner fight in those stupid tacky shorts
-0.7134 They're harmless and they eat pests, but I'm personally not too big a fan of abandoned webs all over my basement.
-0.7003 They used to be worse when they had an insane spawn rate.
-0.6994 All I know is that apparently some alcohol was involved and there was an apology, but I think that's kind of a shit excuse.
-0.6908 I just think he's an ignorant dumbass
-0.6908 No, bad bot, that last line has 6 syllables if you are pronouncing U and S separately.
-0.6711 Prolly cus the Bengals were far worse before Lewis took over and Mike brown likely can't find a better coach for a similar price.