/u/KratzALot is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.886 <3 You da best :3
0.8602 Somewhere around the halfway point DDR says "oh come on, just relax and have some fun." Please please PLEASE listen to this advice Ninja and Grimmz.
0.8494 Best plan :D
0.8074 Pretty great.
0.7964 the best <3
0.7804 And just being responsible in general XD
0.7684 We realized this fued has gone on through the three events you mentioned, plus any SD matches they had, but you don't see New Day vs Usos on match card and say "oh great, another match.
0.765 You're wonderful <3
0.7003 Thanks Pi <3
0.6808 Hopefully I'm good
0.6808 QotD: back during ps2 days my friend told me to male online profile to play SOCOM 2.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7574 Getting kind of sick :(
-0.5927 I wanna go but I'll probably be working :(
-0.5859 Those people are jackasses.
-0.5106 I'm angry just reading that.
-0.5083 So sad :( QotD: it's not THAT recently, but everybody should watch Baby Driver.
-0.4717 I've gone a few months now without playing now haha
-0.3818 Job searching is really starting to become soul crushingly depressing.
-0.3802 Your invitation must have gotten lost in mail!
-0.3724 I wanna enter, but I don't wanna accidentally win again
-0.3182 He said "I want to do battle alongside 'sir kratzalot' ".
-0.3182 Just a boring warehouse job.
-0.296 I have no con sickness yet.