/u/Kodarnabi is kind of a dick.

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0.872 Sadly, I'm pretty certain its' the hardware but perhaps a future patch can optimize the game a bit better.
0.8689 Being the masterminds we were, we decided the best course of action was to pick it up, pretend to look at it like "lol a tiny tree dude," and then casually walk out with it.
0.8481 She handles it like a champ, waltzes out the door like the Queen of England, and pretends like the past five minutes didn't happen.
0.7906 Tbh I don't think it can be optimized any further on consoles since the game already looks gorgeous .
0.7783 I don't know how to do the fancy formatting for quoting you but I'll do my best to respond to your points.
0.765 That's the plan; there's always the future and with our support he can easily make a career out of twitch until he'd like to move onto the other things he wants to pursue.
0.7579 Well, uh, technicallynah Have you ever caught good guy, like real superhero?
0.7351 If you have the chance to give a deaf baby the ability to hear, why would you not take that chance, why would you allow your child to live with a disability when its not necessary?
0.7351 Welcome to the west my friend, most people around here have never even heard of a bidet.
0.7003 It's like they're some sort of gang, a gang of pink jolly goons.
0.6124 I kind of like that idea, as long as it pertains to unique situations like you said .

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-0.9443 She acknowledged that it was unfair to unfairly criticize people based on their appearance, and it's not like she said that shit to their face, no harm done.
-0.8422 I feel bad, but the cringe overwhelms my feelings of sorrow and empathy.
-0.836 If I lost my sight as a baby and my mother refused to treat me "because its a fucked up sentiment," I'd resent the fact that she's putting her broken morals before my well being.
-0.8058 And yes, you can download the latest IOS on an old device, but not only is it not optimized for the older models, it makes them run like shit and drains their battery at a ridiculous rate.
-0.7901 What the fuck did you say to me cunt!
-0.7717 Why does no one speak of the police corruption, the child labor, or the rampant crime and power shortage?
-0.7703 I just get annoyed when somebody sees a gif of four women being run over and they take that moment to preach the most obvious bullshit about "equality." Equality?
-0.765 Turns out it would take a while because she had a bad case of the shits.
-0.765 Poor bastard.
-0.7579 All of the ones with older models succumb to the pestering of those damn daily reminders to update the software and then complain of a loss in performance .
-0.7579 I have failed, shame overwhelms my spirit.
-0.7506 A Katana, some throwing stars, nun-chucks and other useless shit I bought when I was twelve.