/u/KittyCait899 is very positive!

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0.9118 I totally relate to being shy :) Either way, I'll just be super happy every time you post something new :)
0.8988 Wasn't my request but I'm sure glad you fulfilled it!
0.8883 ;) You're gorgeous, sweetheart!
0.8176 Much love from one kitty to another :3
0.8122 Such cute faces and such a great body!
0.8016 Well, I can confidently say that between that voice and that body I need a new pair of panties....here's to hopefully hearing and seeing plenty more of you in the future!
0.7996 Absolutely delicious view <3
0.7964 They look positively wonderful.
0.7897 You are absolutely yummy looking hehe.....Good luck on your midterm!
0.7712 Definitely something I'm thankful for!
0.762 You're quite sexy, my dear.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5574 Are my posts shitty quality?
-0.5256 Totally a fake girl.
-0.4646 Yeah I won't deny that, but that doesn't instantly make me a fake girl.
-0.4003 Well fuck you too then!
-0.3252 I don't have one lol?
-0.3164 You had me sold with the Chessie tat, let alone that body!
-0.0946 Long hair, cute little breasts....what's not to love?
-0.0808 It was distracting not knowing for certain hehehe....now I can appreciate the pic in its entirety.
0.0 My lord, what I wouldn't give to have a girls' night with just you and I....if that's your style, that is.
0.0 *Raises hand* I'm around!
0.0 Or maybe, just maybe, I could be an actual woman.
0.0 I've posted this three nights now, once or twice a night in one or two subreddits.