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0.9529 You're not alone man don't worry about it :P - Pretty amazing to hear how much they've had a positive impact on your life!
0.9441 I just remember looking around and feeling so happy and lucky to be a part of such an amazing and special moment, surrounded by fans from everywhere!
0.942 Onedari Daisakusen has always been a strong favourite of mine, they've probably noticed that a lot of people love them singing so I'm hoping for more Yui-Moa tracks :D
0.9393 :D Hope they're back next year, I'm currently in the "im upset its all over" phase :P I'm just so thankful for them giving me such an experience man.
0.9286 Sounds like an amazing experience, glad you had a great time!
0.9244 The music is absolutely amazing, we all love it and it makes us feel amazing too.
0.919 -Thank you Patrick for the video! I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year too! Kitsune Up!
0.9118 The community grows and becomes better and better :) I'll refer anyone in the same boat you were in to this thread because I think this story is amazing man.
0.8883 That response was fantastic haha, sums it up! I've never seen anyone else that sings as well as Su, and maintains those vocals while performing physically like she does.
0.8868 Keep on loving Babymetal like the rest of us :D
0.8817 UK Kitsune here :) Don't worry - you'll have many chances to see them live :D

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-0.6239 Does it make the music bad just because the girls aren't playing it?
-0.6214 the last thing you want it to get really tired, dizzy, and your mouth extremely dry.
-0.5949 Why do the graphics look so awful?
-0.5719 So don't let these people who are being pathetic talk you down.
-0.4588 Oh man that's unfortunate, I feel for you bud.
-0.4019 Odd that we have to pay $39.99.
-0.4019 Tell me after that they don't sing their hearts out and chant/scream, you'll see how much the team as a whole put into it, the girls and the band, all this while pulling off the insane choreography?
-0.3818 He complains that they wear miniskirts and skimpy outfits, I didn't really have a reply to that because I've never ever seen them wear skimpy outfits and miniskirts...
-0.3595 If you think about it though, while you don't have any recordings, you still have memories which no one can take away!
-0.3384 Why is the genius of the band playing completely discredited and thrown out the window just because you say its manufactured?
-0.296 ~~I think I'm missing something - Where can I see it?
-0.2411 I don't think its fair to dismiss any of this.