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0.8858 I'm hoping that all this extra practice this year will get me super prepared for next year Edit: and thank you!
0.8835 Lol, don't worry about it, it was pretty funny
0.8567 Aw, thanks :D I like him a lot most of the time
0.8316 Had a lovely conversation with my parents, They promised my sister and I either a big trip or something like blue apron for Christmas last year.
0.7991 KISS did a concert thing for my high school, which is awesome I also had two practicals this morning, One went really well, the other went really bad, So that's fun :/
0.7906 And it went ok, I just hope that it went better than last year
0.7574 Thanks :) Im really excited for him to get it, I just get nervous when things don't go as scheduled
0.7568 Good luck!!
0.7346 Sooo, I'm pretty sure my depression is back, So that's just fucking awesome
0.7279 So that's AWESOME
0.7038 One of my Twitter friends is buying my dad Far Cry and doesn't want me to pay for it PEOPLE ARE SO WONDERFUL

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-0.8487 I got logged out of Netflix on all my devices, and I can't figure out the Netflix password I'm really pissed at my parents and I don't want to talk to them, Guess I'll just suffer
-0.802 :( gross And no, this is dentures
-0.7579 I can't wait to get out of this hell hole they call dental school
-0.7579 Nothing like trying to do lab but just wanting to run out to the bathroom to start crying :/
-0.7314 Thanks, my dad and I argue a lot, but it's always sooo frustrating when he won't let me talk, I'm literally the most frugal of the kids, you don't get to tell me I don't know the value of a dollar
-0.7269 I hate that feeling :( How many rings do you normally wear?
-0.6861 I want to go sooo bad, but I have a lot of studying to do, plus I still don't feel comfortable around alcohol.
-0.6449 I got an 83.75 on that terrible pathology test!!!!!!
-0.6361 This freaking school.... I am really nervous for this test now
-0.6249 My suburb is fuuuuull of them Worst.
-0.5859 Apparently there's this guy, with a van, that told some kids to "come here" and fled when the father asked wtf he's doing.
-0.5695 The test went slightly worse than I thought it would be, so there's that But the professor who wants female students to call him daddy is under title IX investigation!!!