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0.9501 It hits home with me, my childhood best friend had muscular dystrophy, such a debilitating disease, I can only imagine the amount of strength it took him, a true inspiration.
0.9184 I was supposed to go down for that show but had to sell the tickets, I heard it was amazing and I'm glad you had a chance to meet him!
0.908 Lightlife Smart Bacon is a really really close alternative to bacon, before becoming a vegetarian my boyfriend and I used to love BLTS, we just found this brand and love it!
0.899 She may share your views and interests and be beautiful but clearly she has some issues going on the inside that she needs to improve on and that may be with you by her side or without you there.
0.875 You ultimately need to do what is right for you, if you are feeling like you were worry free and loving life before you got into this relationship then clearly its been toxic.
0.8658 It's such a hard thing to deal with, especially someone so close to you, I wish you and your friend the best.
0.8591 I first off want to give you kudos, I think you're doing a great job finishing up school AND on top drive 6 hours to see your child, not a lot of people would do that.
0.8519 C:geo is the best because you can hook up your geocaching account to it which is great.
0.8442 Good luck to you my friend.
0.8405 I personally am trying to refrain even though I LOVE cheese, too much, but yes both are fine!
0.8324 I don't have access to a microwave at the restaurant I work at but my boyfriend definitely has about seven where he works so he's good with those.

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-0.9081 Before my boyfriend that I'm with now I was with someone for two years, he had horrible self esteem, constantly negative about everything, hated himself, didn't have job, a car.
-0.8957 During those other times he'd say how he can't live without me and one time loosely throwed around that he wanted to harm himself because of it, which I ultimately realized was abusive and selfish.
-0.7906 Well it's annoying as fuck, time to block him from my posts.
-0.7034 They are actually some of the WORST guests we've had and they have Rise Above Fest as a concert with a bunch of metal/rock bands and we never have any issues, just always country concerts.
-0.6447 It was my first "newer" car, I had a used 1998 honda civic with 133k miles on it that inevitably died on me before, that wasn't worth fixing anything further.
-0.5859 Yet, I know what goes on in the dairy industry to dairy cows and it's like I'm back at square one, putting it on the back burner of my brain, feeling selfish, I hate it.
-0.5859 Second tip keep a pair of sneakers in your car for spontaneous geocaching, I made the mistake in the beginning of going into the woods with flip flops on..
-0.5719 He was such a negative person and I was the total opposite and it got to the point where it brought me down constantly.
-0.5255 It truly sounds like she is insecure in her life at the moment with the whole worrying about what other people think, its tough to live that way because it is added stress that is unnecessary!
-0.4966 I'm not sure where you're located but I'm sure you're bound to find some!
-0.4767 The phlegm-y part is something I constantly resignated with, it gets worse after consuming any dairy, cheese, sour cream, etc, so I know its related.
-0.4497 but a lot of people struggle with that on a daily basis.