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0.9477 Also, there are some unique houses such as Randyland- a true artistic labor of love where homeowner Randy has transformed his house into a brightly colored, truly awesome art house.
0.9094 You're clearly not a Bucco's fan but it's a great ballpark that is just fun to be in.
0.9042 It's great for local bands, good bars/restaurants, some of the best coffee/bakeries in the city.
0.872 As far as places to eat go, I recommend visiting the Strip District, walkable to downtown and a great variety of ethnic foods and fun shops.
0.869 The Andy Warhol Museum is not only great for visiting the museum collection itself, but they have some pretty awesome events there such as local and national bands, film series, etc.
0.8555 It's a gorgeous building inside and out, so if anything seems interesting to you here I would definitely try to go.
0.8481 It has great food outside of Italian though- check out Tessaro's for a great burger.
0.8442 Diesel is super clubby, but they do get some great bands on occasion.
0.8441 The Rex can be really fun also, but they don't seem to get the best bands there for some reason.
0.833 I love going to shows, and while Pgh isn't the best music city in America, good bands still come through and there are some great local bands.
0.8271 The former was great power-pop and the latter was full of rich orchestral beatlesque pop rock songs.

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-0.7269 Not because it's dangerous or anything, just because there are obnoxious drunks everywhere.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5994 They just opened a new Commonplace Coffeehouse on Buena Vista street in the Mexican War Streets.
-0.5994 There are also two breweries opening soon: War Streets Brewery and Allegheny City Brewing.
-0.5251 I live in Troy Hill, which is technically a Northside neighborhood, but it is more isolated, as it is on the other side of 279.
-0.481 One time a friend of mine fell asleep in a room full of people and then sat up on the couch, looked at us all and said: "THERE ARE COUNTLESS DEAD!
-0.4585 If you are not a baseball fan, or not a Pirates fan, it doesn't matter.
-0.2144 is a good option for a late lunch or dinner after you're done working- there are a ton of options, but I try to avoid it at night.
-0.1779 Pgh's public transit is unreliable- an unfortunate truth that must be remedied.
-0.1695 It's just not worth it to be stranded.
-0.1027 It's Geeks Who Drink which I guess is a specific brand of trivia.
0.0 Also, for sandwiches, Peppi's.