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0.9231 Excellent episode, loved the resto manager haha, Banks was hilarious.
0.92 Randy has definitely aged, hes still incredible though, Im straight, but hes a man crush of mine for sure haha, always been very handsome
0.9197 The UI looks really gorgeous, excited to listen, cheers :)
0.918 "Oh I'll take it from here nurse..." amazing moment, Vince's reactions, esp during the whole Foley part as well, really amazing segments haha
0.9078 Haha amazing! Shes so gorgeous
0.9042 Ahh shes gorgeous, love her size too, give her a big cuddle for me haha
0.8807 Yeah I def respect her boundaries, I said that to her, I just wanted some other opinions m, thanks for weighing in :)
0.8774 I normally don't care for Kane, like Big Show, I respect what they've done but don't care all that much about seeing them, but Show's last appearance was great and I really appreciated it.
0.8622 You mean Pepperjack? I love that little rope turn thing he does, hes really great to watch
0.8402 Wow love it
0.8402 No surrender." love that whole scene, one of my all time fav episodes ever actually, might have to put it on haha

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-0.8122 Prob my fav S3 episode too! "I've lost many battles, But i've never lost sight of the war.
-0.7541 it's very dumb, but the day count one is worse
-0.7353 My iPhone 7 battery is quite poor, my iPhone often freezes too, I can lock/unlock/use Siri but thats all, have to reset to fix, this is on iOS 11.0.2, not ideal!
-0.6697 Jesus Im anxious now, fucking scary
-0.6187 My iPhone crashes a lot, and the audio bug where you're playing audio, music or podcast or something, but it doesn't show in CC, that's a big pain too.
-0.5423 What the fuck?
-0.4588 Mine too, awful battery
-0.2351 I hope he's against Reigns to avenge him for retiring Undertaker, but if not, I still appreciate seeing him and him going off one last time.
-0.2003 Well these secrets wont be taken to the grave NOW!?
-0.1027 No retreat, baby.
0.0 Why was it shown again in the 70s?
0.0 I just didnt know there was a name for it!