/u/Jung1est is kind of a dick.

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0.7506 "MUH SKILLCAP MUH SKILLCAP" is actually used like an insult now, but imagine if these changes got added, it would take away from the game as we love it.
0.7351 thanks for ur advice, appreciated.
0.7063 wow this really showed the important aspects of the two players, what is this 12yrs old fuckery?
0.6633 "Maybe he's going for the lategame cs" ROFL
0.5927 yea thx, there are many variations, but there is one which is edited like the kid is playing balanar and gets cliffed at the runes, hilarious shit
0.5325 A fucking institution which controls peoples wealth, the world's richest people's biggest business, which can get so big by exploiting people, etcetc.
0.5267 You will be all okay, and then you realize, that you can actually be excited about how your life is going to unfold in the future, instead of dwelling on the past.
0.4767 Pick something up and go regularly, like at least 3 times a week, even if you want to, ESPECIALLY if you dont want to.
0.4576 for some reason that scene is fucking hilarious in my head
0.4404 Your comment made me feel good.
0.4404 They might come back of course, and calling the police might would have been better, i just see the situation from this perspective.

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-0.8397 Murdering people is a whole another thing, but just think about it, who are you really harming by robbing banks?
-0.8396 My point is, a bank is a pretty fucking bad thing itself, its just a delusion of society that if you rob a bank you are doing a bad thing.
-0.8225 Yea maybe the skaters were assholes but she got them to leave, they wanted the board and leave, it wasnt enough for her, and got too into punishing them, like, greedy, boom karma.
-0.7667 People are scared to rob a bank not because its a bad thing to do, but because the punishment.
-0.7351 http://steamcommunity.com/id/jung1esteez ty, * oh shit i just read that the account must be 2months old, ignore this post if its a problem then, sry
-0.7003 They were running away, taking the board with them, and she started running after them, which caused her slam - the punishment for not letting the situation go.
-0.6908 As far as i understand, noone is getting told that sorry the bank has been robbed, your money is gone, you are fucked.
-0.6908 Holy shit I've been playing for like 3 years and always thought there is no difference between megacreeps and megacreeps with all rax destroyed.
-0.6369 Fuck this seriously
-0.5859 I would rob a fucking bank any day of the week if i could get away with it, and my conscience would be free as ever, fuck banks man.
-0.5574 holy shit he really is