/u/Juanic is kind of a dick.

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0.9377 Yes but submission is like 75% kelela, I'm pretty sure they will play it there
0.8176 They will surely play it again when they come to Argentina since Vince is in the same festival
0.784 Wow I always thought it was Day-mon, nice to know !
0.6326 Yet have hope they will come, when Damon came with Blur and his solo album in the recent years he filled 2 dates here, so there is a chance
0.5859 You know the one that stole your shows with his tribute band in the Plastic Beach tour, he is also known as Damon Albatn the Harambe lover
0.4019 Now with a special guest: Damien All-Bran
0.3612 I feel like we've been here before, have we been here before?
0.3612 With Damon acting like Liam
0.296 Yeah that AMA was a karma farmfest, I posted the Damon ALL-BRAN picture in a nested comment and got 600 upvotes
0.2732 There is the rumour that they will come to the BUE festival in Argentina, but it's only that for now: a rumour.
0.2023 On your own and some of the songs on Think Tank and The Magic Whip have a Gorillaz feeling in them if you want to look for it and

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-0.796 Raditz attack is Double Sunday, which is the most ridiculous name for an attack in dbz, I'm just joking with that
-0.7269 El local que conozco esta en Mitre casi 11 de Abril, no probe nunca las cervezas de esa casa pero no creo que sean tan malas, fue un error groso en publicidad
-0.7096 Woops my bad, I messed the names
-0.7003 Hay un leak del disco que me pasaron de muy buena calidad, no la mejor pero muy buena. Lo segundo no se, depende de los mods
-0.5574 Yo lo entiendo cmo que en vez de vender solo materia prima y comida sin producir, vendamos productos elaborados en Argentina.
-0.5574 Maybe THE BATH was murdoc's ghost, a ghost bath
-0.5267 Por lo general es bueno dejar el footer a una distancia razonable del header, as no te queda un sandwich en pantallas que no tienen mucha informacin.
-0.5267 No lo vi, sentia que algo me picaba y cuando miraba no habia nada, el hdp era un ninja
-0.4215 Charmless man and song 2 came to my head when o saw this
-0.3851 That's the point, imagine Damon singing like that an Oasis song, Liam would be so mad
-0.3818 Si algo me enseo el curso de medicina online es que es un tumor
-0.3612 I dont know dude, that turtle seems suspicious