/u/Jsmiley22 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9316 Any thing on a sexy being like you good GREAT!
0.8908 Yes I definitely do like it sexy!
0.8908 Thanks for sharing and I'd luv to share something with you also sexy!
0.8827 Beautiful smile Beautiful tits!!!
0.8805 I'm a gentleman...so invite me over sexy and I will definitely take care of you!
0.8726 I'd be VERY happy with either Beautiful!
0.8718 Hope you're going to have some fun with me sexy!
0.8687 As sexy as you are...any man would be the luckiest man on earth to join you in the shower!
0.8671 Socks are Cute, but you are BEAUTIFUL!
0.8622 Let me help you take care of that sexy!
0.8516 And seeing that delicious booty of course the honor is well deserved!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7906 Cuddle the Fuck Out Of Me Or Fuck The Cuddle Out Of Me?
-0.784 It hurts sooo bad, cum and post the video!
-0.7574 Damn sexy...let's be bad together!
-0.72 You are a VERY bad girl with that trick question...you always knew the answer is BOTH!
-0.6907 Damn sexy...I really want to give you some dick!
-0.6731 You've been a BAD girl!
-0.6617 It's a VERY sad day for me because it wasn't me!
-0.6476 I can lift it up and spank that cute ass of your for being bad!
-0.5951 DAMN SEXY!!!!
-0.5919 Who the fuck was hating on you beautiful?!?!
-0.5251 I REALLY want that ass!
-0.4199 You presenting me with a difficult decision!