/u/Jpicklestone8 is kind of a dick.

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0.881 Pool doesn't fit the game but I'm pretty sure most children play with black holes.
0.802 The Arid Flats theme is also pretty good, as well as Blaster Massacre.
0.7184 That sounds pretty powerful.
0.6756 I have so little motivation to do things that I haven't really tried to improve my own life, be it eating healthier, doing exercise, going outside in general or bathing often.
0.6705 The mods don't disable achievements is pretty cool.
0.6597 Not sure if its true and i want to test it.
0.5994 Luxembourg, makes you super small.
0.5296 Also I think they are the hardest part as I usually get hit by them but not most other attacks.
0.5098 I don't like Gangnam Style but it's better than that.
0.4939 Maybe it should only be in the secret pool, cause it is pretty overpowered.
0.4939 You use them after you have built your friend and to get into some levels.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8402 This would be if the Ludo tear killed the enemy and not the exploded ones.
-0.836 What if for Ludo, when it kills an enemy it explodes the hydrophobic tears in all directions .
-0.8243 Keeper is alright in my opinion but the lack of flying to start is really bad.
-0.8067 yeah ok fuck whoever made this shitty fucking game this is awful i will never play the end is nigh ever again oh my god
-0.7876 I'd say deer if they're classed as common but i recently saw a dead rotting one.
-0.7334 Well I just found out that the creator agreed with the Mei being a slutty ghost loli post and also draws loli, I think, so thats horrible.
-0.7096 Only downside is that I'd die.
-0.7096 I don't think its frame perfect, but it's killed me a few times.
-0.7096 when you shoot it should infect everyone on the servers computer with a horrible virus and give you all their account information.
-0.6981 WE ALL DIE!!!
-0.6808 The one that takes place in the hell world.
-0.6808 I don't believe I ever seen IIs text, since its at the end of hell and I went to the SS exodus first.