/u/Josiahx is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9583 Turned out awesome, so worth the work I'm sure :) Happy editing, Cheers mate!
0.9368 You're amazing, thank you :D :D
0.9273 Creative station has some awesome artists on there, and a good source of inspiration!
0.8883 Thanks for all the love my friends!
0.8858 Haha, sign me up :) These guys are awesome to work with btw, so you have high standards to meet!
0.8481 I liked how the lightning was blue in the Force Unleashed, so that was my inspiration :)
0.8481 He's a super cool guy :)
0.8264 Yeah, we'll go with that :) Thanks for checking it out!!
0.8126 Thank you so much mr Doug :) <3
0.8122 Haha, great heads up!
0.8074 But please trust me when I say it's justified.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.784 But that's just my opinion, no worries if you disagree mate!
-0.6615 Sorry you got so mad.
-0.598 Sorry you didn't like it :)
-0.5707 it's raging!
-0.5255 Okay, no worries!
-0.5255 Poor wookie!
-0.4648 You know he had nothing to do with LOST after season 1 right?
-0.4215 So most everything is on the short side sadly.
-0.4186 Hahah, I totally missed you writing this!
-0.4023 Aw, sorry you don't like my clothes mate!
-0.2755 I have never done a tutorial like that, usually just timelapse.
-0.2493 In the case of LOST, I really don't think the blame is his.