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0.9649 Good reasoning, thanks for sharing it :D I'd like to add that OS X from Apple was once a pretty good operative system.
0.9412 Love the colour, and I'm lately enjoying those dish wheels too :) Looks like it's very well maintained!
0.9231 Pretty good view, love your cozy place :)
0.9168 These Smart cars are very interesting for city drive, I love how people park these things anywhere in any position :)
0.902 wow, the colours are pretty amazing!
0.8918 Looks like it's going great for you :D So, let's say, a recently graduated software engineer with C++ and Assembly knowledge would have possibilities with you?
0.8842 Like new, wow :D
0.8826 Wow, a really good improvement.
0.873 I think it's a pretty interesting feature :D
0.8687 The thing I enjoyed was seeing how Linux based OS are getting builds before other systems :3 I'll check the FAQ, thanks!
0.8638 I also think the eyes of the worm are too tiny, I'm not a designer so I hope this serves as a "client" opinion :) Maybe a bigger head with two big eyes could be better?

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-0.7777 The poor guy is crying :'( Good build!
-0.6908 That is the worst part, for sure :(
-0.6124 This long version has no possible misunderstanding.
-0.5927 Well, I actually think I've been some time with zero problems but then one day they arised, so I also think the hardware could be the problem.
-0.4767 In audio and music production, it has been the standard for years, from hobbyists to professionals, although lately it's getting a bit worse.
-0.4404 Not again :(
-0.428 Yeah, but as someone also said, LaTeX is not very easy.
-0.4019 I cannot listen to music without drums or with dull drum tracks, I don't know why, I suppose I am a rhythm guy.
-0.3612 I'm using a subwoofer but it's a PITA :P Tl;dr: if you don't have more money, probably.
-0.296 Will check what the MMU is because I have no idea.
-0.296 In general, I avoid overthinking by putting myself a due date.
-0.296 So I have to finish my track before that date, then I stop working on it for a few days or even weeks, then finish it.