/u/Jontron is kind of a dick.

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0.8655 It's definitely true that the popularity of evangelical christianity makes it far more significant than an internet forum.
0.8593 I have a somewhat promising career in academics and for the most part I try and do the best I can to improve myself and the world around me.
0.8402 And this is all giving you the benefit of the doubt that you're older than 16, which is generous.) What I care about is that you have accomplished far less than hundreds of millions of black people.
0.8196 Also, and I'm not going to push it, but isn't racism just a type of superiority complex?
0.81 Some people like to free climb buildings and cliffs, but we make them heroes.
0.7964 The OC seemed to be tryin to start something about the whole "women have it easy" topic that mens rights advocates love.
0.7916 People who don't give a shit about the world and others are often incredibly successful.
0.7899 People who, despite having no money, have pursued dreams to create something meaningful.
0.7783 You bend statistics to fit whatever you're trying to say, while I'm looking at them at face value. Texas is a good place to look at because it's not a sample of the entire country.
0.7538 You'll be amazed at how little is determined by people, and how much is determined by simply the conditions of the world they operated in.
0.7506 Yeah I definitely agree with that sentiment.

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-0.9274 I still think that hatred of religion *can* lead quickly to hatred of the religious, and that the subreddit breeds hatred of religious people.
-0.9231 You will die stupid, sad, and unloved.
-0.9151 Unless you're sheltered and live among similar racist fanatics, I suppose. Welp, eat shit and die, scum!
-0.8834 Choke on the dust and die, worthless scum.
-0.8689 I reacted intensely because it was fun, but that hateful response isn't comparable to misogyny or racism.
-0.8689 Yet you sit here and attempt to defend your obsolete and disgustingly moronic perception on race.
-0.8588 You're a moron who is completely incapable of providing any evidence for the disgusting falsehoods he asserts.
-0.8555 You are a poor writer and are even worse at creating arguments, not to mention your inability to listen and learn.
-0.8467 But it's also a fact that more women are killed by men in domestic relationships, and that they are more likely than men to be seriously injured.
-0.8442 However, militant, hateful atheists are dominant in /r/atheism. Evangelical christians are loud and hateful, and they are the problem.
-0.8442 In America, black slavery remained in effect for a much longer time and at a much greater scale than white slavery.
-0.8439 You have completely failed to do this. It is because of your repeated failure at this aspect of debate that I assume you have no degree pertaining to anything scientific.