/u/Johnnykaze is very positive!

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0.8591 I hope you find success in all your future endeavors, and hope to see you every once and a while in some RT collaborations.
0.8442 Kudos to Barb's success with Always Open, as well.
0.7845 Lol, this is awesome.
0.7845 It's pretty much the perfect word.
0.7818 I really enjoyed it, honestly.
0.7783 Especially with Lil' J, he's quickly become one of my favorites on the channel, ever since the Minecraft LP when he created that joke propeller hat on top of Jack's house.
0.7717 I'd recommend to anyone, just don't expect it to be the best show ever.
0.7717 Matt's performance in front of the camera has improved drastically, and he's fantastic in Twits & Crits.
0.743 Definitely a fantastic podcast to watch. Funhaus: Elyse and Mattthey've both started to really grow into their own quite a lot.
0.7351 Granted, I love most RT content in general, soo...
0.7269 Pretty good way of adding a bit to the immersion, I think.

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-0.6908 It's just a shame some people are so locked into one group or the other that they become downright hostile about it.
-0.6251 Thing is, I had watched the entire anime once before while at college, and I don't think I appreciated it enough because I was distracted by everything going on around me on the day to day.
-0.5848 It's the hostility that isn't necessary. As far as I'm concerned, keep doing what you're doing, Funhaus / RT!
-0.5106 Props to you for the sick design, AND using proper Japanese.
-0.4455 It's certainly not my all-time favorite anime , but I can't help but re-watch.
-0.296 Strangely fitting.
-0.175 I never tire of his brand of humor, and his quick wit. AH: Jeremy, Michael, Lindsay all three have had their hands in multiple projects and perform so well, nothing but good things to say.
-0.1742 Well, you'll be very missed by everyone here, Spoole!
-0.1689 Elyse meshes with everyone else on the team so seamlessly, it's hard to believe she hadn't always been on Funhaus.
0.0 Depends on the breed of Corgi.
0.0 Pembroke Welsh Corgis do not have a tail, whereas Cardigan Welsh Corgis do.
0.0 This is the most realistic Skyrim mod I've seen yet!