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0.9391 A really great vape with a great battery life and a super fast warm up time.
0.9298 The flowermate is the best cheap quality vape at 75$ it's not the most efficient, but decent but is very portable, easy to use, very easily hidden and pretty stealthy.
0.9292 I have tried and owned many vapes but easily my favorite is the newvape flowerpot absolutely amazing and a total of 300$
0.9233 Great as well, easier to clean and taste just a little better.
0.91 But the flowermate is a perfect first that has a perfect price and is great for travel.
0.9067 It is very efficient, portable, easy to use, and has a big bowl great for groups but still does great with small amounts aswell.
0.9062 Puffitup has best prices, has amazing customer service, and free shipping.
0.8962 It's very easy to use, great battery life, durable, very portable/ pocketable, low price, easy to clean.
0.8834 The cf has a bigger bowl, better heat up time, easier to clean, better hits.
0.8807 The davinci iq is pretty new and looks great and I've only heard good things .
0.8555 Honestly save and get the flowermate and the money you will save from vaping will quickly make up for the difference.

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-0.7351 I also saw you have the flavor of sour skittles, but just out of curiosity are you worried about a trademark fight over using the word "skittles"?
-0.7269 I've seen some people loss crazy amounts of weight if stressed.
-0.6486 Sorry for the confusing answer but I could see it being a stress thing.
-0.5719 If I remember correctly fibermyagia involves a lot of joint pain, so I'm guess you were using cannabis to elevate your pain and relax your muscles.
-0.5399 But I would not solely give credit of your weight loss to just vaping.
-0.4215 How's your stress?
-0.3818 The lowest being 75 and the most expensive being 400ish.
-0.34 Arizer air, fire wood 3, and enano
-0.3214 The pax is sexy as all hell, and slightly more stealthy.
-0.2755 Can not recommend them enough
-0.2263 The vape I believe you are referring is the puffit, yeah those came out a couple years ago and they have always been poor.
-0.2144 Sorry for the rant, but Randy is that legit