/u/Jcamacho228 is very positive!

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0.8689 If you have an issue with the stream please feel free to present your issue and I will do my best to assist you.
0.8555 I concur the stream is perfect, hopefully it stays that way for the rest of the season :)
0.836 **HD** 1080p [Cotto vs Kamegai] | Language: English | Ads: 0-1 | Mobile Compatible: Yes | Enjoy :)
0.7906 Lol yeah the NFL Preseason Week 3 :)
0.7096 Even if you do find a bar that is showing it you probably have to get there super early to guarantee a seat.
0.6899 Yes there is a ton of traffic on the site due to the big PPV so please continue to refresh page.
0.6369 I'd recommend going for an Acestream if you can because they usually can support all of the traffic.
0.6124 Yeah my player is showing a '1080p' emblem so it is 1000% HD lol
0.6124 Just go to "View"-"Cast..." for Mac or if you're on Windows click on the three dot settings button in the top right hand corner of the Chrome browser and you'll see the "Cast..." option there.
0.5719 The stream is working perfect for me.
0.5106 Doing everything we can on this end to make the stream as flawless as we can.

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-0.7469 Could've sworn I was the first post of the thread but no problem will do.
-0.6249 We are currently upgrading our servers to handle the traffic and taking measures to avoid attacks that cause our site to malfunction.
-0.5994 No Problem.
-0.5994 No problem.
-0.4759 I will be posting 3 so far so no need to worry :)
-0.4588 We were attacked heavily and had to shutdown the site temporarily.
-0.4588 We are being attacked heavily apologies for the site being down.
-0.25 Yeah sorry these streams are for people with a USA VPN only :(
-0.2023 Okay have taken out the stream and will put back when we've taken out the discord stuff.
-0.128 Yeah for all of the fights you must tune into ESPN3/Watch ESPN or Sky Sports Main Event/Arena .
-0.0772 Yeah that is ridiculous they're charging people $30 to get in.
-0.0516 Usually a refresh of the page does the trick.