/u/Jaymie_74 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9244 They're really cute and comfy I'll try to get some better pics...the bum is super cute
0.8979 I'd love to start gently kissing it and see where it leads to
0.8834 You're super cute and sexy girl
0.855 Worth the wait though to see your super cute pussy!!
0.8481 I would love to help any way I can, you're making my panties a little wet, so I think it's only fair .
0.8309 Looks super fun!!
0.8126 I'd love if you tried my hand bra
0.802 Love the cute little bush girl .
0.7947 I see you already took them off...which is a shame because I wanted to rub you and kiss you through them before they came off...but your pussy is totally cute so that's a win
0.7893 So many cute and sexy spots I want to explore with my soft lips and tongue
0.7845 She's super cute

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.555 I'm jealous!!
-0.5423 My mouth or ass?
-0.5334 It's not fair, how cute your pussy is
-0.4588 I'm jealous
-0.4442 I don't think my hand will ever come out from under my panties now!
-0.296 Is it going to be a panty or no panty kind of day?
-0.1877 can't guarantee I'll stay in the tan lines though
-0.1531 What's stopping you girl?
0.0 Absolutely!!
0.0 That's making my panties wet!!
0.0 I was dying waiting!!
0.0 Total lady boner happening as you undid those strings!!