/u/JayRodsChickenHut is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8481 I love how your hand shows through that top.
0.7506 Share the love?
0.7351 I'd like to connect a leash to that collar and lead you to the pleasure dungeon.
0.7269 Thanks sweetness.
0.7184 Sharing is caring.
0.7184 Sharing IS caring.
0.6697 Fucking love it.
0.6696 I'd love a taste of those fingers!
0.6369 Love all your fuzz.
0.6369 Love the texture of fishnets.
0.6369 Love your time back.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7088 Can I get a hell ya!
-0.5848 Your ass looks phenomenal in those!
-0.5423 Fuck, you beat me to it.
-0.4588 But I don't have any mesh / see through undies in my collection of uglies.
-0.4588 Jealous of ^ ^ ^ ^
-0.4466 removed for rule 5) NO HARDCORE OR MASTURBATION IMAGES This is a titty sub so we prefer it to be only softcore adult photography.
-0.296 No masturbation
-0.25 I wanna fuck you like you're Rainbow Brite.
0.0 As my mistress desires.
0.0 Removed for advertising url in pic.
0.0 I've updated your flair.