/u/Jasehott is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.96 That is one absolutely gorgeous view of you, love the Hosiery thank you for sharing, would love to see more!
0.9151 Id follow you anytime anywhere what a fantastic offer Id love to honour!
0.9134 Wow what a gorgeous view of one fantastic body!
0.9077 Dam that is absolutely perfect what an absolutely stunning body you have love the panties!
0.9042 Glad to hear that, I love your posts such a gorgeous body
0.8973 Remember we are here for each other and not to ridicule the gorgeous people that make this sight great!
0.8775 You and absolutely gorgeous I do, what an absolutely stunning view of one hot lady dressed to impress
0.872 It would be an honour to worship that gorgeous body
0.8687 Yummy yummy wish I was on my knees in front of you when you did that!
0.8647 Wow that is one perfect view!!!!
0.861 Agree totally what a gorgeous view got any more you want to share

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7096 Shame Im at work though, think Ill go cross eyed staring at this hot picture
-0.5916 I didnt request this but hell thanks to whoever did!
-0.5848 How about cuffed then stuffed face down ass up !
-0.5423 that ass is so dam
-0.5093 Ive got such bad thoughts running through my mind right now looking at that gorgeous ass!
-0.4926 What am I saying lick suck frolic!
-0.4926 Hell yes on, in, with !
-0.4753 Ill rub you and then you can rub me!
-0.4574 Curves can cause a major crash!
-0.3382 Im green with envy!
-0.3164 You and shy dont believe it!
-0.2193 Id say what an absolutely stunning and ass you have