/u/Jakemaniang is kind of a dick.

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0.8176 You seem like a fun person at parties /s
0.784 She has amazing talent!
0.7184 Welcome to life as a man living in a culture where just the act of smiling at a woman mag be cause for her to get you locked up for the rest of your life for "rape".
0.683 This seems to try and say that GTA 4 is a better game than GTA 5 because it does some things somewhat better like police/civilian AI, melee combat system, and explosion behavior.
0.6597 "In God we trust.
0.6486 Ha Good one
0.6369 However, I do love the point that is driven at the end.
0.5719 Louis CK did a joke about this at Comedy Oddball.
0.5023 I've seen this reposted a couple times but I had never really seen any kind of context provided like a news source.
0.4588 I had a dream that you were an asshole That wasn't a dream?
0.4576 It was fucking hilarious

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-0.9048 If you were dead you wouldn't care about anything, because you're dead
-0.88 Take this shit somewhere else This isn't justice, this is cruel.
-0.8271 Those lemon stealing whores
-0.7906 This guy is a total fuck head who can blow it out his ass. If you're having thoughts about ending your own life, don't listen to this asshole.
-0.7717 This is such a badly written article, holy shit
-0.7663 He makes all these assumptions that these people suffering from sever depression have the same perception that he does and don't feel helpless and a lost cause.
-0.765 The fuck is wrong with you?
-0.7579 I have been in a position in which I have strongly considered suicide, and to say that is a selfish thing is an absolute load of horseshit.
-0.7346 That's just my situation. This guy has absolutely no understanding of depression.
-0.7264 Not only was it fucking disgusting, it also made a portion of my tounge go numb.
-0.7184 A lot of people fuck up because the bring the water to a boil, which can make a mess of your egg in the pot.