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0.9201 I myself have had a recent friend get into VMWARE and has had great success. I myself have studied basic foundation coding such as CSS, C++, and HTML as well as SQL.
0.8934 This is my first montage hoping everyone enjoys have taken feedback from my first two videos to hopefully improve it.
0.8834 Oh god no , my friend told me I would like to play her since I like playing Draven.
0.8779 I am in no ways a great player I enjoy playing the game as a form of relaxing.
0.8442 Creating gaming channel on youtube with friends and looking to gather input around the video design and editing as well as if this may be something the community is interested in.
0.8271 Thank you my friend this helps
0.802 I am trying to look for the best benefit for myself and my family.
0.7783 You were a great amount of help.
0.765 You're whats wrong with this community, thanks for support have a great day.
0.7096 Thank you for the feedback , It was a sloppy game no doubt and thanks for seeing that this will help me pay more attention and get better.
0.7096 Not proud, Felt that I was lucky.

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-0.7506 I am not truly looking to shame it was a very childish though and no need for me to go through with that, I was just hoping for a process or some information which may speed up the process.
-0.5975 I have had nothing but a positive experience with all other teams in my area.
-0.4927 I was just very aggravated and not in the right state of mind.
-0.296 I have had no issues so far with match crashes or in game crashed on PC.
-0.296 I have realized the idea of shaming is Childish.
-0.2732 I picked up last whisper on accident I was rushing and should have grabbed The Blade of the Ruin King. Thank Dr_Ripper it's appreciated.
-0.2263 Yes rengar with that AD% destroys ADC's Instantly.
-0.2235 Yet apparently I should not share any of my actions.
-0.1779 Thank you , and that I noticed when I was finally on Darius I wasted a bunch on minions.
-0.1027 Yes after the repair the slipping became worse and the dealer informed me a new clutch and installation for them would be $1,700.
0.0 Now when I hop on the sup reddit, things change really quick.
0.0 I was level 14 at the time