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0.9464 :) They might not be to everyone's taste but if you're spending over $50, might as well accept the free gift right?
0.9382 The truth is that the players who won the free to play games got a bond because JD and I were feeling generous.
0.9231 We love Mod Lee's Patch Note vids here in CM, it helps us out a huge amount and we love his 100th video.
0.9091 We think they're both amazing but if you could check out the info on my forum post and use the [strawpoll] linked to let us know which design you like best.
0.9067 =D Thanks so much. Have an awesome day!
0.8874 I wish Mod Ana the very best of luck and can't wait to hear about what she gets up to in the future.
0.8834 Always nice when these are spotted, glad this made you smile :)
0.8805 We wish you the best of luck!
0.8805 As long as it's RuneScape related and matches the theme you have a chance at winning as we're giving away RuneCoins to two random winners just for taking part!
0.8779 Whatever you want and like to do I hope you enjoy it and share your feedback and journey along the way.
0.875 We want to show them that the community do have interest in a number of things so they've designed two sweaters, both that we're are happy with and have wanted to see how many players are interested.

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-0.7865 Not going to lie, I was shocked with the 7k Greg kills :O
-0.7425 We're unable to discuss exact methods of how our team detect RWT but as long as you're not actively breaking the rules there shouldn't be any need to worry.
-0.7002 If I could put a toggle in there for any of you that aren't happy with it I would, sadly I don't have the tools to do that.
-0.6124 No worries.
-0.5267 No offence taken.
-0.5256 Very sad news.
-0.5256 I'm so sad to hear.
-0.5242 The team have various methods of finding out who has been involved in real-world trading and if you suspect that someone is I would personally advise not accepting their offer.
-0.5095 Hey, so sorry to hear that you've been having trouble.
-0.4939 That insta-kill move though :'(
-0.4561 Hey, the GE went absolutely crazy yesterday! I've asked for you to see if we can get some info.
-0.4215 So in a years time for example, if you decide to get RuneMetrics for just one month you'll be able to see data from this year, it stores so much information and sadly that virtual space costs money.