/u/J_J1980 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8885 Those big beautiful tits are amazing, just perfect
0.8654 Absolutely perfect, so sexy
0.8625 I'd love to play with those big beautiful tits
0.836 Great position, amazing view
0.836 Great position, amazing view.
0.8347 So sexy, beautiful pussy
0.8316 Great pic, perfect position
0.8313 Great body, very sexy.
0.8313 Great body, so sexy.
0.8313 Great pic, very sexy
0.8313 Great pic, very sexy

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7783 No problem, those pics have thinking dirty thoughts
-0.5423 In that order, spank, lick, fuck
-0.3595 I wouldnt mind playing with those big ole tits
-0.2584 I wouldnt mind giving you a hand......or something else
-0.2263 I wouldn't mind fucking those big ole tits
-0.1027 Your pics will make my day hard if you know what I mean
-0.0258 Lucky husband, I wouldn't mind making you dirty
0.0 I wouldnt mind replacing that sharpie with something else
0.0 That is a tasty looking pussy
0.0 What a tasty looking pussy
0.0 I wouldn't mind adding to that at all
0.0 That pussy looks so tasty