/u/JRecard is slightly positive.

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0.8074 Pretty great threesome here.
0.807 "Way more effectively" Is such a great scientific term
0.7953 There's something not slutty enough about stunning fucking girls like her
0.7876 They mayx not be doping now, but they almoat certainly have and are benefitting from it
0.6369 The best way is through a proper balance diet.
0.6369 Lana's the best thing to happen in porn since Tori Black
0.6369 Annnnnd now I'm in love with you.
0.624 Mary Moody's solo videos are fucking amazing. Stoked she's started doing professional shoots now.
0.6124 You're gorgeous girl
0.5994 Do you think that all the high super high performing people don't have sex?
0.5859 Hope he's okay

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8519 You cunts are cancer hey
-0.802 No he just broke her cunt by fucking the fucking devil's soul out of her
-0.7506 Jesus christ Broken dick
-0.7293 Why are you wasting your time here? I couldn't care less if she had a hoof for a foot or if she liked eating shit in her personal life.
-0.7251 Are your lives all really that boring that any of you actually give a fuck?
-0.6597 Niice EDIT - Proper mobile cancer
-0.6369 For some reason you guys are here in this sub literally saying 'always hated her, so overrated'. K bud.
-0.6369 Pissed on, double anal, gang bangs.
-0.6369 **Reads title** Pffft doubt it **Opens picture** Got fuckin damn
-0.5423 Was it Mia's ass or Lana's tongue that did it tho? Cause..
-0.5423 Uhh Fuck off?
-0.5423 Who the fuck is Arianny Celeste?