/u/JHyperon is kind of a dick.

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0.836 You are an intellectual gnat compared with numerous people who support Corbyn, including a good percentage of university professors.
0.8122 I'd love to know how "muh Tories" are any fucking better?
0.7939 The fact that a government extolling "multiculturalism" was very popular and won three elections would seem to suggest it?
0.7184 His job is little beyond acting as a shill for the Tory Party and providing intellectual snippets that the goblin hordes of the alt-right can regurgitate .
0.7096 You have no skills and some frat boy gravy train is the best you can hope for?
0.7003 It's easy to forecast spending, it's less easy to forecast government revenue.
0.6808 See how easy it is to dismiss a political party with a one-liner?
0.6808 A sort of SDP-Liberal Alliance would be the better way to go about that. You do realize that Momentum would probably clean their clocks?
0.6808 It's pretty apparent that a lot of people *want* to get excited about it, just a lot of people go around looking for fist-fights.
0.6597 They have never been centers of free thought and free expression. Naturally that does not open the door to right-wing troglodytes with no knowledge.
0.6565 They are pretty fucking ungrateful to treat him like that when he's donated a million quid. But what does one expect?

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-0.9275 Fuck the moronic nasty little shits who are upvoting this post.
-0.9136 Imagine if another comparable recession strikes again and how fucked people would be. It's exactly correct to depict David Cameron as an astonishing destroyer.
-0.9081 It's scapegoating racism: the nastiest among us seizing on an excuse to stir up hatred.
-0.9081 They're both corrosive, but not valuing truth in the first place is worse than making some style of "public order" argument .
-0.9079 Quite simple: Having Job Centres sanction and threaten people so they're pushed into any crap, insecure work they can find, even with horrible conditions, is not "creating jobs". Any more questions?
-0.8919 Let's just call a spade a spade: you're a racist, xenophobic, classist little piece of shit, and that's probably just the tip of the iceberg of your prejudice
-0.872 You're taking him out of context and there was obviously bad blood between them given Phillips' earlier rather unhinged accusations of racism.
-0.8622 I did not realize that all or even most poor people were work shy, from problem families, or addicted to debt, alcohol or drugs.
-0.8519 Can you imagine them saying that with regard to Africa, which suffers from all kinds of cultural problems and higher crime rate than anything in the UK?
-0.8225 Fuck you, you vile slimebag.
-0.802 Why do you jump to the conclusion that these hate crime reports must be made up?
-0.8008 I doubt the various slimy, hypocritical, 4channer right-wing cunts will give a moment's thought about a little thing like consistency.