/u/JHowrd13 is very positive!

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0.9313 I wish I could give you a great big hug gorgeous.
0.9273 Glad you're feeling better and very glad to see those beautiful breasts.
0.9052 Indeed, she would be an incredible catch but would definitely come with some very unique relationship issues like being gone often, and as you said kudos to the guy who can handle that.
0.8591 Yeah, it amazes me when a girl as awesome as her is single because she could date just about anyone she wanted to.
0.8591 This is awesome, I hope they start doing something like this soon
0.8519 I just got my first Xfinity win and got my first clean race message lol
0.839 So adorable I love it
0.8176 My favorite thing is how much he loves playing Superman
0.7845 This was super cute
0.765 Thanks, now lets get celebrating
0.765 Youre adorable and sexy

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 That wink kills me
-0.4215 I think Ill have the breasts
-0.3713 I've never been more attracted to Snow White.
-0.1531 Man, I miss Bill Davis being a car owner
-0.1027 Nah V it's def you
0.0 Im always down for some
0.0 I'll be on the lookout.
0.0 I spy some Dunkelbooty
0.0 Jaw dropping!
0.0 I just got that one yesterday
0.0 Jaw dropping
0.0 Incredible