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0.9201 If you don't have him you can play the deck without him, but he is pretty crazy and if you can afford him i would advise it as he can win you games on his own :)
0.901 Zoo dominates the board better than anything so it's pretty easy to get it off on a demon, maybe i was overly optimistic in the video though.
0.8908 I've never considered it to be honest with you, an interesting idea for sure, although i wouldn't know where to start haha!
0.8842 Glad you enjoyed them :D
0.8658 Hahaha cheers mate :)
0.8625 I think Cult master is the best draw mechanic for hunter and is definitely worth playing 2 of in the deck.
0.8622 Thankyou my friend i appreciate the kind words!
0.8588 Cheers mate i appreciate the kind words!
0.836 The thing that makes wild growth a better pick than darnassus is that the mana gain is permanent not temporary.
0.8341 Thanks for the advice i really appreciate it, hopefully i can make next week's vid more slick and tidy.
0.8126 Cheers for pointing that out i'll make sure to fix it :)

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-0.7759 Druids killing people so quickly im mistaking it for hunter
-0.5927 Sometimes when i want to put pressure on my opponent, but whenever i have i have regretted it ^^
-0.5563 The Thalnos instead of savage roar makes the deck slightly better against aggro, i have been matching into a lot of zoo and shaman lately and the spell damage can make a big difference sometimes.
-0.4939 All i can say is, i play a hell of a lot.
-0.4767 I would take out Runic Eggs, Lance Carriers and squires for nerubian Eggs, Jeeves and Haunted Creeper.
-0.4588 Try shieldbearers or arcane anomoly, you could also try Dire Wolf Alpha.
-0.4003 The Wisps get summoned and then your whole board is buffed its crazy!
-0.3595 No problem he's my teammate, hopefully we can represent the UK together!
-0.357 It becomes a 2/4 when pulled from the deck as the battlecry isn't triggered :)
-0.3182 Against Aggro i do this quite often as you need the tempo and it forces them to react, whereas against control decks you should have the time to hold on and be greedy with him
-0.2732 You want a 2 drop that will consistently be a solid turn 2 play, arguably quickshot or a snake/bear trap could be used instead.
-0.2263 No problem mate :)